Aproximación a la corporalidad

Aproximación a la corporalidad Distinciones ontológicas y fenomenológicas en "Filosofía y fenomenología del cuerpo" de Michel Henry

Publicado en: The Bulletin of School of High-Technology for Human Welfare, n. 18, 2008, 11-20 ; Tokai University. Descargar

Approximation to the Corporality

─ Ontological and Phenomenological Distinctions in Michel Henry’s Philosophy and Phenomenology of the Body ─


Foreign Language Education Center, Numazu Campus

(Received Oct. 27, 2008; Accepted Dec. 8, 2008).

This paper shows some philosophical distinctions which are preliminaries for the development of phenomenological ontology. In this sense it shows an approximation to the corporality which permits itself to think its original situation and its first condition in manifestations of all. I’ll analyze Philosophy and Phenomenology of Body: Essay about Ontology of Maine de Biran written by French phenomenologist Michel Henry. One of the things he deals with in this book is to show a critical exercise which investigates the body, the soul, “I” and the world with the intention of establishing priority of corporality in the area of knowledge.

Henry tries to complete Biran’s project to propose an ontological base according to subjectivity reading critically Biran’s works. Considering this, I would like to point out that the body, the soul, “I” and the world are, before all, bounded to subjective life as corporality. Through the philosophical distinctions, considering also Henry’s reading of Descartes, it is evident that the corporality is ontologically outside of empiricism, sensualism and idealism.